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21 ноября 2017

Dash has funded a sponsorship of the Moontec blockchain conference in Estonia. Release #88

Greetings to all, Dear Friends!
This is seven-day coverage of news on Dash cryptocurrency.
And here’s your newswoman – Julin GYS, creator of the channel WORLD of INTERNET BUSINESS. The price of  Dash for the past week attained the minimum of $ 392.00 and the maximum of $ 500.00.

What makes Dash Coin stand out is the fact that the currency has so far avoided having its brand image sullied by blockchain forks, scalability issues, or political unrest within its core developer community. Many Merits of Dash cryptocurrency indludes 2 MB blockchain block size. This means that the network has double the transaction processing power of Bitcoin. Dash can really start making an imapct on cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the remainder of 2017 going into 2018. Therefore, right now it is time to think about investing. Soon  the price of Dash can grow significantly, and you will have the opportunity to benefit from this growth. 

Dash has funded a sponsorship of the Moontec blockchain conference in Estonia. This is a good opportunity to spread Dash in a scene with rapidly growing interest in cryptocurrencies. There is a knowledge gap with what Dash can offer in terms of a better payment solution. The conference sponsorship can solve this problem.

While Bitcoin had wild days – the result of confrontation between BTC (Bitcoin) и BCH (Bitcoin cash) – investors start paying attention to Dash. Dash CEO Ryan Taylor has previously indicated he sees the cryptocurrency as an improved technology which allows for faster payments. To create an incentive system for nodes to help the network run smoothly, the value of each new block on the blockchain is attributed equally — 45% to miners and 45% to the master node. The remaining 10% goes into a joint pool of funds held by the network (so called Treasury).

Dash Update is aimed at increasing competition with Bitcoin and VISA. With this update, Dash now has strong incentives to mine, stake, and spend, while Bitcoin struggles with spending — with no potential relief in the near future. Dash is on a direct path to attracting more users with non-techie appeals. A user won’t care about the elegance of your coin’s cryptography; he cares a lot more about getting his funds confirmed quickly enough. And a retailer will definitely care less about the value of Dash going to the moon than selling wares for 3% lower than his Visa-reliant competitors and getting more customers.

One word can give you some cryptocurrency cred – decentralization. The highest praise you can give a cryptocurrency project is that it’s “decentralized”.  The word “centralized”, on the other hand, invokes images of evil elites keeping people under their thumb and ruling the world as they see fit. Will these two concepts get along together? Through the Masternode network and the Dash Budget System, control of the overall Dash network is decentralized, as it should be. Yet within the Dash ecosystem there are small, centralized groups which build and promote Dash. So in Dash we see a marriage of decentralization and centralization, which combines the power-spreading nature of decentralization with the efficiency of centralization.

It had been announced the launch of the Dash News Korea website and introduced the newest Dash Force team member - Yujin. The project is expanding its efforts in International outreach.  Koreans will now have a dedicated resource for Dash news, information and content. The interview with Yujin you can read in the article, there is a link in the description.

Dash’s payment network just doubled its transaction rate and significantly reduced its fees. Regular transactions on the highly anonymous Dash network now cost less than one cent.  Dash’s special InstandSend transactions, which are executed in less than two seconds, now cost a mere 2.8 cents.  The average transaction on the Bitcoin network costs a whopping US$6. Additionally, an average of just seven transactions can be processed per second on the Bitcoin network; Dash’s upgrade has increased the number of transactions processed per second up to 48. Dash’s network was created with many of the lessons learned from Bitcoin’s network in mind. Dash currently has over a hundred ‘merchant partners’, including crypto-based debit cards, VPN providers, web and graphic design services, and online stores, and consensus and Masternodes keep Dash running with stability.

On November 12, the price of Dash increased by more than 20%, in a matter of hours rising to above $ 450. Rapid growth allowed the сryptocurrency to rise to the fifth line of the Coinmarketcap rating, surpassing the capitalization of Litecoin.

Who has contacts with Russian-language pools, exchanges, services, ... working with Dash?
Please remind - they MUST update the version of the wallet to 12.2.1! Be careful, soon a spork will be activated and all non-upgraded services will be on the unoperated old chain of blocks (in case of miners – there is a danger of mining "empty" blocks).

The third part of the video on how to place Dash preliminary budget proposal has been already released. The link to the video is given in description.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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