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25 октября 2017

Dash funding - Set out a goal – The first step

Hello, dear friends, it’s me Julin GYS. We are beginhing a series of videos on how to apply for a Dash budget proposal and what you should do for that. 

It seemed to me that it was very difficult to apply, but everything turned out to be simple. You should only know all the steps of the process. I read many articles, watched the videos, and analyzed information. My friends and colleagues helped me with this, that’s why this video is the collective efforts of many people.

It's time to tell and show step-by-step how to create a proposal and how to place your entry. All of you know well that in my videos I always give very detailed information and any viewer can understand it easy.

The matter of this video: Set out a goal – the first step.

Before you start this path, you must understand all the responsibility which rests with you.

1. You have to offer something worthwhile to the Dash community something that will benefit Dash.

For example:​

- You have teaching experience and you can expertly organize and hold conferences about Dash.
- You have associations with restaurants, cafes or shops. So you can implement Dash as payment for goods and services.
- Perhaps you are a popular Yutuber and there is no need to have a channel on financial issues, maybe, you do Vlogging and have a lot of spectators. Why not to tell them about Dash?
- Perhaps you are a company owner and you want to use digital money in your business.
- Perhaps you are a gifted programmerand can create an interesting and useful program.

There are a lot of people who have already cooperated with Dash cryptocurrency. They conduct radio shows, write articles, tell about Dash, deliver a speech about it, create unique applications, advertise, etc. And you can enter this list.

2. Do not overleap yourself. Some people can quickly turn on the heat as fast as cool down. There were cases when promises were not fulfilled. Not because those people did not want to work but because they faced different difficulties and obstacles on the way to realizing their plans. The most important thing is not to spoil your reputation because the next time they will not believe you.

3. Do not speed things up. It's important not to rush to apply. First you have to prepare a preliminary budget proposal and find out what the experienced people think about it. 
Have enough patience for 1.5-2 months. It will help you to prepare a good proposal, discuss or change it before posting. And most importantly you will have a whole month left to receive the votes of all the owners of Masternodes. Imagine that you hand your proposal 10 days before the end of voting. Not every investor searchs on the Internet for days and waits just for your proposal to vote "For" or "Against". I'm sure they will not even know who you are. Therefore, it is important to introduce the subject of your offer and your pilot project to investors, to tell about yourself and discuss points of interest.

4. Size your financial possibilities. To apply for a budget proposal, you need to deposit 5 Dash in Treasury. At the moment and with current rate of exchange it's a lot of money. Do not sell your property, hand the last money of your family or take a loan by no means. Why? Answer to this question is in the next paragraph.

5. Disappointment.​ Now the price of 5 Dash is about $ 1500. Imagine if voting for your proposal does not get the right number of votes "FOR" but you, for example, have already sold a car or taken a loan. If you want to collaborate with Dash and want to apply for a budget proposal, you must be always prepared for losing your $ 1500. But you can include them in your budget, and if you get the right amount of votes, the money will be returned to you. According to statistics, the most budget proposals are approved which means that you have a chance of getting funding from Dash.

6. Reasonable time for a budget proposal. If you are going to have a long-term cooperation with Dash but Dash community has not known you yet, do not submit a proposal for a year, much better do it for 1-3 months. You can always submit another proposal after the end of the first budget proposal term. Somebody thinks that after receiving approval then he can sink his own interests and do nothing. But a lot of people do not know that the owners of Masternodes can change their voices throughout all the period of cooperation. This means that if your proposal is approved for a period of 3 months, but you have not done anything, the investors can change their voiceі to "AGAINST" and so, if the votes "FOR" are less than 10%, next month you can not get funding from Dash.

7. Activity reports. You should understand that you will have to provide activity reports. Those, who voted for you, should see that their voices were given to you not in vain. There is always an opportunity to change the opinion of those who voted "Against" your proposal.

I hope this video will help you to gage your strengths properly. In my next videos you will learn how to create a preliminary budget proposal, how and where to place it, then how to place the application itself, why we pay for submitting a proposal, and why so much. And number one, you will learn about the results of voting, getting the budget and further steps.

So that you do not get confused in the sequence of these videos, а special playlist will be created, and an article describing all the consecutive steps be written.

If you have any questions about Dash and want to know more about this cryptocurrency, you will find links to the official website, forum, chat rooms, and social networks in the description.

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This has been Julin GYS. See you.

Find out more about Dash - here

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