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05 ноября 2017

Dash funding - Preliminary budget proposal - The second step

Hello, dear friends, it’s me Julin GYS. This is the series of videos on how to get funding from Dash.

In the first video, we studied the first step - Set out a goal. If you have already decided on your goals and assessed the advantages and disadvantages, if you have an interesting proposal for Dash, so it’s time to create a preliminary budget proposal and find out whether or not you can be supported.

Subject of this video: Creating a preliminary budget proposal. Step Two.​

Preliminary budget proposal gives you an opportunity:
1. To tell about yourself and your offer
2. To know the opinion of Masternode owners
3. To get to know them
4. And number one: sum up the situation before placing the application itself

How to create preliminary budget proposal properly:

1. You should explain step by step what you exactly offer. The more particular the better. Try to foresee all possible questions of the concerned participants and answer them in advance in your proposal. 
2. Show yourself, record a video where you can tell about your promises. This will give you an advantage over other offers on funding. You are open up  and this is a great virtue.
3. Most of Masternode owners are English speaking Dash community. To be understood translate your proposal into English.

Sure, there are a few more important points but unfortunately, not everyone has them.
I mean:

1. Your reputation – perhaps you have already had your own business или вас знают многие по поступкам. For example, your rating in the Internet community is good. In general, it can be something making the most of yourself.

Let's look at my situation. My "World of Internet Business" company has been around for almost 2 years, we have an excellent reputation, thousands of grateful viewers and friends follow us. I make videos to bring people benefits, save their time, show the ways to make money and I tell how to simplify complex technical issues. I'm always in sight as well; people see me in the video, hear my voice and even trust their money. My activities can already tell the investor everything about me; they just have to go to the site and the channel.

2. The chances of getting approval will increase if you submit the content of your proposal in advance. A lot of the members of the community who have already received approval, first showed themselves in a job.  Someone told about Dash at conferences, someone implanted Dash in restaurants and cafes, etc.

In my situation, this will be my first formal proposal on Dash funding, although all of you know well that I have been providing Dash news for 19 months already. The Dash community knows about my work and my development and I'm sure they have already formed an opinion about me.

If you think that I'm not worried about voting on my budget proposal, it's not like that I'm the same person as you are:  two hands, a heart and emotions. In the real world anything can happen. They can even choose not to vote for me.

By the way, you have a great opportunity to monitor the passage of my budget proposal. If they do not want to finance it, I'm ready for that. In any case, this is an excellent experience and I always share my experience with you.

My preliminary budget proposal, you can see by following the links in the description. These are articles in English and Russian. Perhaps, when you write your own proposal, my experience will serve you as an example.

I hope that this video will help you to properly create a preliminary budget proposal. In the following videos you will find out where you should place it, then, how to place the application, why we pay for submitting a proposal, and why so much. And number one, you will learn about the results of voting, getting the budget and further steps.

So that you do not get confused in the sequence of these videos, a special playlist is created. We are also preparing an article where you will find all the steps at a single location.

If you have questions about Dash and want to know more about this cryptocurrency, you will find the links to the official website, forum, chat rooms and social networks in the description.

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Find out more about Dash - here

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