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08 января 2018

Dash cryptocurrency has sponsored "HardFork", a science fiction series. Release #95

Greetings to all, Dear Friends!
This is seven-day coverage of news on Dash cryptocurrency.
And here’s your newswoman – Julin GYS, creator of the channel WORLD of INTERNET BUSINESS.

The price of  Dash for the past week attained the minimum of $1057.92 and the maximum of $1312.00

Dash cryptocurrency has sponsored «HardFork», a blockchain-based science fiction series. The series creators knew from the very first work days that Dash had the amazing proposal process. The Dash DAO as one of few outlets for being paid straight from a blockchain. The «HardFork» series is a huge project. Being part of the Dash community itself has immense value.

The Bank of England may be considering the creation of a digital currency, indicating a mainstream moment for blockchain technology. Similar to Dash, this will be targeted at general use by businesses and consumers, rather than simply to facilitate bank-to-bank transfers. Unlike Dash, however, there would be control over its distribution and supply by the central bank. The goal would be a facilitation of the present financial system, rather than the creation of a newer, freer one. Soon the portal Bit.novosti published an article: The Bank of England has dropped plans to launch its own digital currency amid concerns about its impact on the financial system but will continue to research the technology itself.

The Dash network has funded the creation of an easy to use web wallet platform which will include special functionality such as tipping.  The project is titled MyDashWallet. MyDashWallet will constitute a light wallet accessible via web, however with private keys still in direct control of the user. The wallet will be good for new users without the inherent security risks. Have a Dash at present very few reliable web wallet, which attract ordinary users. And ease of use is the name of the game for Dash. An easy multi-platform tipping system will allow easier new user acquisition.

Dash outreach in Nigeria has reached several key events. Creating over 800 new Dash users. The events were conducted by the Dash Squard team. The purpose of the events was to promote the use of Dash as a currency, including the purchase of tickets for various concerts and festivals. For example, it was a festival of Dash music and culture, which lasted two days. According to organizer, the event created hundreds of new Dash users, including dozens of merchants, and showcased a complete Dash ecosystem. An effective move is to set up new users with a Dash mobile wallet with a small amount of Dash. Dash Squard has created hundreds of new Dash wallets around the country.

Liberty Forum used Bitcoin for seven years but has already abandoned it in favor of Dash. This flagship conference is one of the world's leading conferences on freedom of thought and activity. It supports advanced cyberpunk aspirations. Refusal of bitcoin happened due to the problems coming from processing payments for tickets. Dash is able to solve the certain problems with making payments, so it has been chosen as an exclusive cryptocurrency for settlements. Liberty Forum is not the first organization that has abandoned Bitcoin in favor of Dash. Last summer, the online gift card service Amazon BitCart gave up Bitcoin in favor of Dash. In the absence of mass adoption of large-scale, solutions in the near future, many other companies will be able to join Dash.

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