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07 декабря 2017

CONTEST - 100 000 rubles - from cryptocurrency Dash!

Hello, dear friends, it’s me Julin GYS.

December 25, the "World of Internet Business" channel celebrates its second birthday followed by Happy New Year. It means that we will have two merry events! We have decided to organize a competition, with Dash cryptocurrency as the main sponsor. The prize fund is 100,000 rubles. The number of winners is 61.

Terms and conditions of the contest are very simple:

1. You have subscribed to 2 channels in Youtube - "World of Internet Business" and «Dash».

2. Also you have subscribed to Dash chat and the channel "World of Internet Business" in Telegram.

3. Click the "Like", share this video with your friends on any social network where you have at least 30 friends and write the video comment.

On December 25, the automatic program will select 60 winners from those who fulfill all the conditions of the contest.

Here you see the table where the prizes are displayed. The first, selected by the program, will receive 10,000 rubles, the second - 9 000 rubles, and so on.

I promise you will see a video where all the winners are announced. I hope this will be a live broadcast.

And for dessert… If you want to increase your chances of winning, then participate in this contest as well.

15000 rubles will be received by one who writes the most interesting story on: "Why I chose Dash cryptocurrency".

Please, write to me a personal message to the VContacte or by e-mail. Just send your story.

All the stories will have been published on our website by December 25.

The winner will be chosen by voting. Who gets the most votes, he will win 15,000 rubles.

All the data and links you can see in the description for this video.

By the way, all the prizes will be paid in Dash cryptocurrency. I remind you that Dash is the sponsor of this contest.

Recently I have told you that the first ceremony of awarding in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain-projects will be held in Kiev on December 20. Dash also takes part in the nomination "Cryptocurrency of the year". I would like to add that Alexey Gusev is presented in the nomination "Person of the Year. Alexey Gusev is an investor-enthusiast who did a lot for the Russian-speaking Dash community. If you want to support Dash and Alexey you can link to voting given in the description.

Well, we wish you a Pre-New Year mood and success to your efforts!

IT IS IMPORTANT: your account in Youtube must be registered before December 7, 2017. All the bots we mercilessly delete. We are for honesty.

Find out more about Dash - here

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