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27 февраля 2018

"Catch up and overtake" or another step on the path to leadership: Dash Pay Evolution

According to many experts, Dash is now developing with leaps and bounds, which makes it possible to "catch up and overtake" the famous bitcoin. That's why many users want to know what the most significant breakthroughs will be made by Dash in 2018. One of the most important events is the release of Dash Pay Evolution. In today's article, you will read what it is and why this step is significant on the path to success and leadership.

Dash Pay Evolution mission

This is a new easy wallet and in this case the emphasis is on ease of use. Users, especially beginners, often find it difficult to orientate themselves in new products and quickly learn how to use them, even if it is very beneficial and convenient. This wallet will be the best solution for those who do not understand the technology and have weak knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies and applications to them. Everyone can set up an account, add the necessary contacts and make purchases. This wallet will make the digital currency more accessible and understandable for any person, regardless of knowledge baggage. You will easily convince yourselves by reviewing the video review from the official site of the cryptocurrency.

More about Dash Pay Evolution

Dash Evolution is the code name for a decentralized currency platform. The alpha-version of Evolution is expected by the end of 2017, including the basic implementation of DashDrive, Primitives, DAPI and a simple wallet. The release of the alpha-version must be followed by a test phase with most of the basic functions, and the first stable version will be released in 2018.

Let's remember the features of Dash Evolution:​

1. DashDrive is a decentralized file system for user data that resides in a second-tier network. It works with using of IPFS software, a convenient and popular P2P file system that automatically handles most of the sharing, backup and network synchronization. To ensure security, IPFS records must use Masternode quorums;

2. DAPI is a decentralized API that allows third-level users to securely access the network;

3. DashPay Decentralized Wallets are connected to the network through a decentralized API and run on different platforms;

4. Second Tier – provides a compensated structure;

5. Budgets - the right to vote to allocate funds for different projects in the network through a budget system;

6. Management - the right to vote to manage the currency and display a rate that the currency takes;

7. Quorum Chain - this function is a permanent list of Masternodes that can be used to calculate past and current quorums;

8. Social Wallet is the wallet that allows to look through the lists, create groups of users and share accounts for common use.

Dash Pay Evolution advantages and features

Of course, this platform is easy to use and this is the first and one of the most significant advantages. This characteristic is due to the goal which the development team set. With this algorithm of actions, the digital currency Dash can receive wider audience. Everyone can set up an account without difficulties and several users will have access to one account.

An important characteristic is the planned large volumes of transactions at physical salespoints.

Also, the main and important advantage for users of any level is not big fee for various transactions. Andy Freer commented on this issue. He said:

«Evolution will be incredibly cheap without any cross-border fees or restrictions. Breakthrough innovations in payments are picking up the speed and with our approach, Dash can be the first project that will lead the digital currency to a truly mass audience».​

Summing up, we can say that Dash is taking another huge step towards superiority over its "teacher" Bitcoin. It develops and gets ever more audience. Developers take care of beginners and provide many opportunities for advanced users.

Find out more about Dash - here

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