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17 февраля 2018

Buy and sell Crypto-currency in 5 minutes – IT IS PROFITABLE!

Hello, dear friends! My name is Max. You are on the channel "World of Internet Business".

In this video, we will continue to review DASH cryptocurrency. In particular, we'll see how you can buy and sell it with the help of a wonderful telegram bot.

I'll show you two bots. We will consider in detail one of them. The second one is very similar to the first, I think you will understand how to work with it.

Why do we recommend you to use Telegram-bot rather than exchanges, exchanger-sites and other similar resources? It depends on the size of fees and the rate of sale and purchase, which exchanges and exchangers are set on their own. Telegram-bot also has a small fee, but an exchange rate is set by the participants themselves. If you are a seller, you choose yourself how much a DASH coin costs. If you are a buyer, you write what price you are willing to pay. The deal will take place if there is a person who agrees with your request. In fact, it is an exchange between two users. There is no third party, so you have a profitable exchange rate and low fee.

I have already said that we are working with the Telegram-bot. Let's go there. All the links are given in the description, you will easily find them. That's how it looks. Its address is @DASH_CHANGE_BOT. 

I have already started it, and the first thing I'm asked to do is choose the language. As you can see, there are a lot of languages here. This bot is very popular, it is used by millions of users, so he already deserved the trust. I choose Russian.

Now we need to confirm that we have read and agree to the terms of service. The text is in English (there is a note about it). So, if you want to read, then you need to use the services of an interpreter, or some online translation services. I press "I totally agree." I'm greeted and the bot is up and running.

What do we need to do next? Below you can see the bot commands: “Wallet”, “DASH Exchange”, “About Service”, “Settings”. You see three most popular button for beginning: "Buy", "Sell" and "Choose currency." Now we will go in order.

It is worth saying that this bot is also your wallet for DASH coins. If you remember, we created and downloaded the application "Wallet". Here it is built into the bot. Click on this button. Thus, we asked the bot for information about our current wallet: balance, the approximate amount in rubles, how many for such a time, successful transactions, and so on.

How does the transaction take place with the help of Telegram-bot? It goes the same way as with an ordinary wallet: we can put and withdraw money, write a check and see the report. If I want to put money, an address must be created. You remember, on the mobile application an address was also created. At this address, I need to transfer money - either myself or someone else. The transaction goes through and my wallet replenishes. Similarly, the withdrawal of money goes. I have chosen the wallet to which I want to put some money. There is not enough money for this deal on this balance of amount. I'll fill it up a little later, and you'll see it. Plus the moment!

Let's look at the button "Output". Money does not go to Yandex, not to Sberbank, not to anywhere else, but to an external wallet. That is, from the bot wallet you can, for example, withdraw funds to the wallet of the mobile application. You can also immediately sell or buy coins.

Now we will exchange DASH coins for real rubles. We are interested just in this, rather than in transfer between the wallets. And all of that.

That's all, there is no buttons more. DASH check, various reports, buy, sell. But let's get everything in order.

Now we go below, press the button "About service". Here you can read about the developers. There is a translation into Russian. There are many different links. The same bots work for other crypto-currencies, for example for Lightcoin, Bitcoin, Dojikoin, as well as DASH, and we are currently working on it. There is the affiliate program: if you invite friends, you will get an interest after their transactions. Here it is written: "from turnover: 0.82%". That is, if the person, whom I invited, transfers the amount of 1 DASH to someone (holds a deal), then I will receive about 472 rubles (at the current exchange rate).

Let's move on to "Settings". Here we can choose the language. We chose it at the first time of our bot launching, but if you want to change it, click the "Language" button.

Then we click the "Address" button. This is the same external wallet, to which we can send money from the bot. I'm now copying an address, insert it and press the "Send" button. It is done. We have set the address. I can change it by clicking the “Cancel” button. Now go back to "Settings".

Then click the "DASH exchange rate" button. We can choose the source of equivalent calculating that is, one DASH coin. You saw that the number of DASH coins, and in brackets its equivalent in rubles is shown. So, we can choose the exchange where that exchange rates come from. There are two exchanges to choose. Here you need to be careful, watch and choose an exchange rate that is beneficial to you. It means the equivalent that you want to have. I am choosing "natively". This is generally an appropriate exchange, so it suits me.

We have already written the address. Now we are choosing the currency. We are working with rubles, but you can do this with dollars too. You will see the equivalent in dollars. Accordingly, when you create an application for the purchase or sale DASH, the filter works exactly regarding the person who is going to conduct the transaction in the currency you choose. For example, I'm interested in buying DASH for 1000 rubles. The filter will find a person who is ready to take this one thousand. If I want the dollar amount, I need to change the setting, and the person who agrees to accept the dollar amount will see my request. I choose rubles. They, in fact, are the default currency.

The last button is "Autopilot". It is turned on by default and you see that it is active now. If I click the button, it will go dark. The autopilot automatically selects the optimal bids according to the rate at which we want to buy or sell the DASH coin. If we want to see all the proposals from raiders without filters, we turn off this autopilot. I recommend leaving it on because if you sell the currency it picks up the best buyers, and vice versa. So let's leave the button on.

The most interesting is the 4th tab called "DASH Exchange". I press it now. Here we make deals. I said above that the exchange site is good, but the fee is not reasonable. The bot works differently. In fact, the bot is the same exchanger, but its distinctive feature is you are exchanging your money with a real person, and the bot acts as a guarantor. You first transfer money to the bot from your side (the buyer's side, for example), then there is an exchange. In the exchangers, the price and fee is usually set by the administrator of an exchanger, so the rate there does not look profitable.

Here we see three main keys - "Buy", "Sell", "Managing orders". We have already set up the function "Choose currency" - in the corresponding tab. I also told what the "Autopilot" is.

Let’s start right away with the last button - "Managing orders". For example we can add an announcement that we buy or sell DASH wide-scale. Let's try to do it, now I'm adding an announcement. For example, I want to buy DASH. I specify the method of payment. Here is a large list of methods, you can choose for every taste. I choose Yandex.Money, since with Yandex.Money everything goes much easier, fees are less and in 5 minutes you can get real rubles. You see: "the official course is so-and-so." I can make as extra charges as I want.

That is, I would appear to be an exchanger. I will write, for example, 1% (although this is a lot). Then you must specify the purchase limit for DASH. For example, I'm ready to buy from 100 to 10 000 rubles. Our announcement has been created. Now, the one who wants to sell his coins, sees my announcement that I buy them. Here you can earn - buy one course, sell it differently. And vice versa. Here it is, my announcement. There are various additional settings - "Limits", "DASH Course", "Terms". But I will turn them off, because now I will not do this. I click "Back". That's all, as for the block management applications. 

We are working with the second point - "Sell" DASH in the same way. I bought the currency and I can sell it. We can do this on an ongoing basis. If we received our coins once, then naturally, we want to sell them and get real money. I click the "Sell" button. The text appears that we need to choose a convenient way to exchange and the transaction goes in safe mode. I want, for example, to do this using Yandex.Money (one of the most profitable rate). We need to enter a figure of how much currency I want to sell. I have a balance of 0. The boat did not find the right ad, but I can see them all. Autopilot has shown: no one is ready to buy my currency for such a small amount - 200 rubles. If I click the “Show All“: button, the autopilot will turn off and I can see all the ads of the traders. I will request bigger amount. Again I choose Yandex.Money and I want to get 10 000 and give DASH coins for this amount. The bot did not find ads because I have a balance of 0.

Let's look at the participants. We see their profile: rating and the number of transactions conducted. For example, I want to see this person's profile. I click the appropriate button and immediately see that he has trades for 31 days and made several successful trades for some amount. Being bidders you verify with real passports and other documents. This is one of the guarantees that you will not deceive the participant in the transaction. The bot developers are sure that you are a real person and work seriously. When you make a deal, you look at a person's profile. Here we see that he has 144 comments, he was on the network 23 minutes ago, he has a high rating, we understand his terms of trade and limits he works with. Therefore, I draw your attention once again: look at the participant's profile, whether it's a buyer or a seller. It is important to know his feedback, rating and verification. We return back. To make it more interesting to watch this video, I will refill the balance of my wallet for a small amount. I press the button "Fill in". Now I will transfer some money to this address so that we can put them on our Yandex wallet. So, I have refilled my wallet 0.003 DASH. A message about this has been received. Now I can sell.

But before that, let's see if everything is all right with the wallet. The wallet now has 168 rubles - the equivalent of 0.003 DASH at current exchange rate. Then I click the "DASH Exchange" button. I want to sell these coins. For example, through Yandex.Money: I get Yandex.Money, I'll give the cryptocurrency. Then I need to specify the amount of the sale. Here you can read a warning message that only internal Yandex.Money transfers can go. Then I write a balance - 0,003 (I press a blank) DASH, but we, for example, can also ask rubles. If I wanted to receive rubles, I would write - 200 rubles. But I want to sell all my cryptocurrency, so I'm writing - DASH and I press the "Send" button. Automatically, since we used "Autopilot», appeared a user who is ready to buy from me this currency for rubles. The user is even willing to give me 178 rubles. We see that the rate is more profitable here. The official rate is 168, here it is 178. If the amount is higher, it is more interesting to change. If I do not like this trader, I press "Change trader" (there is this button at the bottom), or cancel the deal. If everything is fine, I write my wallet number, insert it and click "Send". Then we are asked again if we really want to sell our DASH coins for 178 rubles. We agree with the terms of service. Here the fee is approximately 0.0003 DASH (I will not count how many rubles). Everything suits me, and I press "Yes". Now we are waiting for the user online to see the message about the transaction and confirmed it. If it does not appear within 5 minutes, as it is written here, the transaction will be cancelled, and we will find a new buyer.

So, the user is ready to buy coins. Now he confirms the payment, and transfers the money to the wallet. He must do this within 30 minutes. If he does not, the transaction will be cancelled. Let's wait. So, I got the money for the transaction. I received a notice that the funds were transferred to my account. I confirm the transaction by clicking on the "Send coins to the buyer" button. Once again they ask whether we have really received 178 rubles. After confirmation, it is already impossible to return the coins back. Remember, you must wait for the actual receipt of funds to the account, but not just the messages that they are sent. Make sure that they did come, and only then click "Yes". Actually, that's all.

So, I refilled the balance, found a buyer and received real rubles in just 5 minutes. I leave the comment "Everything is fine" and can go, for example, back to the wallet. You should agree, it is very simply to exchange the virtual cryptocurrency for electronic money which, is accepted everywhere. You could make sure that users are ready to buy using non-official rate, and this is very profitable.

Once again I repeat: a bot is the guarantor. Transactions take place between two participants: there is a buyer – you always find a seller, there is a seller - you always find a buyer. You have now seen how to communicate with each other by means of commands, transfer money to each other and confirm payment. Everything is going right.

On exchanges these operations look different. You transfer money to the exchange with large fees and payment delays. For example, transactions can go up to half an hour, and even up to a day. Here everything happens in a matter of minutes. This bot is probably the most popular bot to exchange DASH cryptocurrency.

I promised to show you another bot. This bot is called P2P Coin Service. I press the "Run" button, but the bot does not want to start. Perhaps this is because now it's evening, there is a big network load, and the process a little bit malfunctions. In fact, this bot is also popular. You will see a link to it in the description under this video, and you can test it by yourself. Take my word for it, I tested it in the afternoon, everything was fine. Its interface is very similar to the bot we have just worked with.

This concludes my video training. Thank you very much for your attention! Thank you for seeing to the end. I hope it has became clearer and more interesting for you to carry out operations with the DASH cryptocurrency: buy and sell in bulk. You will play with this cryptocurrency and earn money of course. All links to the bots you can see under this video.

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Thank you very much for your attention! This has been Maxim. See you soon!

Find out more about Dash - here

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