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19 октября 2017

Budget pre proposal from the «World of Internet Business»

Hello, I am Julin GYS, the founder of the «World of Internet Business» company. My team and I have been telling you about Dash on our channel and site for 18 months already.

- On the channel: more than 16000 subscribers
- On the site: more than 1200 unique visitors
- In total: more than 33000 subscribers and friends in social networks

You can have a look at our report on the work done for September of this year.


What Dash can get from our cooperation:

1. Weekly video overview of Dash cryptocurrency news in Russian (goes on Mondays) + English, Italian, French subtitles as well as a text format.
2. Placement of unlimited number of translations from Alex-ru on the site.
3. Writing opinion pieces, interviews and Dash review – 10 articles monthly, together with their translation (English, Italian, French).
4. Placement our information on the 30 Russian-language and 30 English-speaking forums, also on Italian and French-speaking ones.
5. Account supporting Dash- Russia in Instagram, about 50 posts monthly (all the news in Russian)
6. Two Dash videos tutorial in Russian monthly (with subtitles)
7. Advertising in Facebook, Vcontacte and other social networks
8. Dash mention in our other videos and articles
9. Preparing and holding 3 contests with viewers and subscribers ( + feedback of Dash official channels, Telegram and forums subscribers).
10. Every video and article always has the links to the official site, channel, forums and chats where it is a case of Dash.
11. Interaction with subscribers and viewers. Answering to their questions on the site, forums, and YouTube.

P.S. Uptaking translations into different languages. They will come step by step up to schedule.

Analytics planning for 6 months:

- Getting more than 30000 subscribers on the « World of Internet Business» channel
- Attracting more than 10000 unique visitors to the «World of Internet Business» site monthly
- Getting more than 50000 subscribers and friends from the «World of Internet Business» social networks

Doing the following (as possible):

1. Visiting Moscow, Dash events, taking video – interview wearing clothes with Dash logotype (airplane flight, walks around the city, visiting different places and making Vlogs).
2. Visiting Novosibirsk in April (airplane flight, walks around the city, visiting different places and making Vlogs) wearing clothes with Dash logotype.
3. Making a new format for news video reviews in a very interesting version.
4. Creating a new section on personal development and business promotion. Such the videos are expected to be popular (according to Web searches) and may give a good opportunity to attract new users to Dash. The preroll about Dash sponsor should be presented.
5. Creating a channel on travel telling what is good to visit. In such the videos the Dash advertising must look great.
6. Getting professional video camera.
7. Increasing team size.
8. Increasing the number of requests from Yandex and Google search services, growing TIC, and ranking the site in top positions.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy our work.
Best regards,
Julin GYS.

Budget proposal for 6 months.
15 Dash – per month.

Preliminary introduction before the application for voting. I hope for your support. The video has subtitles: English, Russian, Italian, French.

Find out more about Dash - here

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