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24 октября 2017

BitCart limits the number of card orders. Release #84

Greetings to all, Dear Friends!
This is seven-day coverage of news on Dash cryptocurrency.
And here’s your newswoman – Julin GYS, creator of the channel WORLD of INTERNET BUSINESS. The price of  Dash for the past week attained the minimum of $ 266.00 and the maximum of $ 297.99.

Dash is responsible for safety. It is very important to continue hard work in this regard. A number of significant "bugs" have been found and they appreciably affected investors in the crypto-world. The budget proposal, funded by «Dash Treasury», targeting the company that will send its "researchers" to Dash code next year. Bugcrowd communicates with thousands of hackers / researchers, since the company has launched hundreds of bounty programs over the years. They have an online-platform where the registered hackers can send reports on bugs/vulnerabilities, and where customers can see the entire process. Dash security program must be better funded in order to confidently follow the statement: the Dash code is the safest.

5 different opinions about Dash. These interviews are specifically private opinions that may markedly differ from yours. The list of questions is very simple, but it can help to clarify the attitude of the interviewees to the cryptocurrency. All the participants took the matter very seriously and made a few interesting conclusions.

The BitCart company has decided to limit the amount of orders it takes on in an effort to improve its service. There is a huge demand for cards, that’s why there were delays fulfilling orders and difficulties establishing solid communication channels. Customer complaints built up on private channels and eventually spilled over publicly to the public forum. In response to complaints BitCart released a community update addressing these concerns. New updates will include automated email delivery. The BitCart team works on other projects, such as Festy, which aims to offer contactless wristbands and cards for easy payments in Dash. 

An advertising team in Morocco has the task of adapting Dash in an Arabic speaking environment. At the beginning the campaign failed, but in spite of this it will continue. In Morocco, a lot of people use Bitcoin and they don’t know about the other cryptocurrency. The team wants to share Dash because it’s the best in low transaction fees. Arab countries show great interest in cryptocurrencies. Dash Treasury has funded this team.

The first Dash presentation in Serbia was a huge success. The first meetup, according to organizer Nebojsa Jovic, had a higher turnout than anticipated. 60 people signed up on the form, then 74 actually showed up for the event. This success has caused Jovic to plan additional educational ventures to spread Dash. Interest in holding Dash events has spread to other nearby regions.

The exhibition "BEZPEKA" has opened in Kiev. This is the leading and largest Ukrainian exhibition of technical and life safety equipment, technical functionality, preservation and protection of objects, and fire safety. About 150 Ukrainian and foreign companies are taking part in the exhibition. At this exhibition the presentation of the Dash cryptocurrency has been done. At the exhibition there is a café where you can pay Dash, and this possibility attracts great interest among the visitors. There has also been signed a contract on software sale with payment in Dash.

While many digital currencies focus on more arcane areas such as smart contracts, tokenization, or the like, the digital currency Dash has always focused on payments. Unlike Bitcoin, that can take an hour or more to fully confirm, Dash’s InstantSend transactions are fully confirmed and irreversible in just four seconds. At September’s Dash Conference 2017, the Dash team announced integration with a Bitcoin debit card provider. This effectively allows Dash to be spent at over 40 million merchants worldwide. Also, owners of Dash will be able to withdraw their funds, in cash, at any ATM in 210 countries around the world.

Payment solutions provider Alt Thirty Six has officially announced its exclusive integration of Dash into its retail platform. Dash Core’s CEO Ryan Taylor sees the upcoming integration as valuable to increasing Dash’s attractiveness for retail payments. Alt Thirty Six is a tremendous asset for the Dash network, because they act as an extension of the network itself – building valuable packages of easy-to-use merchant and consumer services. The Alt Thirty Six / Dash payment platform eliminates the need for cash-related activities for businesses. 

Dash looks into the future by learning from the mistakes of others. Becoming mainstream and used worldwide is still the mission for Dash. While Bitcoin might become so overpriced and precious that it would have to be kept in a vault, Dash still moves in to put digital cash in anyone's pocket for everyday use. and is focusing on the future. Evan Duffield, founder of Dash, believes he has better answers by scaling sooner. Dash has a two-tier system that allows un-mined and unverified transactions. Recently, Dash has added to a small, but useful service, making a link from SEPA transactions into the world of cryptocurrencies Piixpay is available for European customers and shows that indeed, Dash is competing to a degree with Bitcoin Cash.

Electronic payment platform Alt36, announced its support for DASH as one of the payment tools for customers, suppliers and prospective retailers of medical marijuana.

A list of proposals, which are aimed at the development of business sector, has been drawn up. There are a number of industry focused business development efforts currently going on funded by the Dash treasury. Sponsorship of Irish Pubs Global Awards. Gold / Jewelry Dealers –  survey research of the Gold and jewelry business in England and specific businesses to understand how they would use Dash. A pretty small scale project  is food truck business. A custom-made Dash-enabled Point-of-Sales system will be installed at the food trucks allowing a full-fledged digital payment experience and settlements to the customers and merchants. The project’s goal is to increase interest in Dash among the local population and also to teach perspective customers to work with cryptocurrency.

The «World of Internet business» company put forward its Dash budget proposal. Further clarified in article, link in the description.

In the new video from Vladislav Martyushev and the CryptoGroup team you will learn everything about the wallets for cryptocurrency, such as DASH Wallet, Jaxx, Coinomi, Ledger, Trezor.

Find out more about Dash - here

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