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01 апреля 2018

Betting on Dash and win or what experts think about the prospects of this cryptocurrency in 2018

In the context of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market one question comes again and again: which cryptocurrency is reliable enough to build upon? Only a short time ago the market clearly demonstrated the fall of Bitcoin. But if you do not trust the pioneer, what can you choose from dozens of other digital currencies? Here these questions have been answered by our journalists and experts.

I'm betting on Dash

Having analyzed a huge amount of information, we declare that this cryptocurrency has a number of advantages even in comparison with Bitcoin. We have listed these advantages more than once, but again, do it briefly for those who overlooked this information (do not forget to click on the link at the end of the article and learn more about Dash):

- complete anonymity;
- transaction speed;
- mining system;
- InstantSend;
- cryptographic hash-function Х11;
- Dark Gravity Wave;
- decentralization of government.

We named only the basic advantages of Dash. This digital currency does not stand still and is ready to try a fall for the hearts and confidence of its users. Even as we speak, experts predict it to have an excellent perspective, and the ideas of developers turn heads. Dash is really a challenge to the market of cryptocurrency!

"In the future, we should expect some capital circulation towards more anonymous cryptocurrencies, one of which is Dash," - says one of our experts on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Alexander Kitchenko, a cryptocurrency researcher, investor and member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Of course, Dash has yet to compete with many other cryptocurrencies, which are its competitors at the moment, but in the future this digital currency could beat even bitcoin.

Perspectives for Dash for 2018​

However, the prospect of "catching up and overtaking" Bitcoin can not yet be measured by years, because it requires a huge number of followers, and this must take time - it is about winning their confidence, as well as the market. Therefore, our journalists turned to the expert - Midex Marketing Director - Mikhail Chernolesov with a request to comment on the near future of cryptocurrencies, developers' plans and future development. We received an impressive response:

"The key events for Dash in the first half of 2018 are the release of DashPay Evolution wallet in late February and a launch of mainnet Dash Evolution in June. This news, as well as the invariably powerful marketing that is inherent in this cryptocurrency will ensure its growth relative to Bitcoin with a high probability. It should also be noted that all the "fundamental" coins show themselves perfectly under conditions of market volatility and are a good choice for those investors who do not like USDT for some reason or those who are interested in long-term investment in cryptocurrency, but want to choose something between bitcoin and altcoins."

The release of "Evolution" will be an impressive event, as this program must expand the field of application of digital currencies, and everyone will be able to use it. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, Dash does not seek to corner a user with great amount of information that he needs to "swallow" to acquire at least some skills. Availability is the first goal for developers. I don’t mean here tthe process of mining, which has a rather complex structure. However, the process of buying cryptocurrency and its "turnover" will be quite simple for users. In addition, Dash developers offer wallets and payment systems that can be used for accounting, as well as paying for purchases in digital currency. Such projects make using cryptocurrency simple and understandable.


Having analyzed the article, we can say that Dash has great prospects both long-term and close. This year it is already planned releasing some programs that should raise the level of confidence in cryptocurrency, make it easier and more accessible to users of any level. This is predicted both by experts and by our journalists who processed layers of diverse information. It is necessary to answer once and for all - is it possible to win and what to bet? Conclusion for today: I bet my bottom dollar – it is Dash!

Find out more about Dash - here

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